Homework-Hassled Harry

Challenge : Processing Speed, Motor-Speed, and Dexterity Issues


  1. BulletOften unaware or unsure of assigned homework

  2. BulletSlow to assess, process, and organize homework demands

  3. BulletRequires extended time for tasks involving reading

  4. BulletOverwhelmed by written assignments

  5. BulletCopies laboriously, often with many erasures

  6. BulletDifficulty taking notes while reading

  7. BulletLacks study skills and strategies

  8. BulletOnset of fatigue and frustration are noticeable shortly after starting work

  9. BulletThe law of “Increased Stress = Diminished Efficiency”  is evident early on

  10. BulletTime spent is frequently twice the amount anticipated for a given assignment

  11. BulletParent-child conflict regularly ensues: Voices rise - tears fall

  12. BulletFrequent Outcome: No Homework turned in; Incomplete homework turned in; Completed but messy and/or crumpled paper; Done but “forgotten”