Intervention is the process of entering an existing situation in order to change its course. Remediation is an intervention process that provides instructional therapy to ameliorate documented deficiencies.

Our office is dedicated to the belief that children with special instructional needs require special instructional programs. This means a truly individualized curriculum that has been specifically designed to meet the unique needs of a specific learner, not a uniform traditional curriculum that has been individualized solely in terms of some aspect of its presentation.

Dr. Sillman’s one-on-one remediation program is an adaptive developmental program for children with learning disabilities who have difficulties with reading, spelling, and written language, and for whom regular “tutoring” has not been successful or sufficient. Each child’s program is initially determined by a comprehensive intake process (including client history and copies of all previous evaluations) and a documented Brief Consultative Evaluation. Based on the construct of diagnostic/prescriptive instruction, the remediation program is monitored continuously and adjusted according to the child’s personal progress.

The remediation program effectively combines the best of direct, individualized, specialized instruction administered one-on-one (Intensive Instruction Session), followed up by individually prescribed and administered support materials, carefully selected reinforcement activities, and state-of-the-art computer technology to maximize language processing abilities, reading fluency and comprehension, and written expression competencies. To be most effective, the program requires the child’s active participation in a minimum of 3-4 Intensive Instructional Sessions per week, together with a firm parental commitment of active support and involvement in the program and its objectives.

Remediation Program Descriptions