It is critical that children with special learning issues have a solid base of strong, knowledgeable advocates to articulate their needs, identify their strengths, and promote understanding of their circumstances in order to obtain appropriate instructional programs and related services.

As a lifelong supporter of children with specific learning disabilities, Dr. Sillman has served in this capacity at school conferences, IEP meetings, community forums, and various other venues.

Dr. Sillman regularly holds advocacy workshops for parents to increase their awareness and understanding of their rights and those of their children, as well as the various accommodations relating to the appropriateness of their child’s formal educational program that are available under the current laws and policies.

Perhaps even more significantly, she continues to play a crucial role in helping the children learn how to become lifelong self-advocates. It is critical that they be prepared to assume this role in order to eradicate artificial, unnecessary barriers to achieving happy, productive lives.