We make every effort to keep the number and length of office forms to a minimum; however, it is necessary for certain types of information regarding the child to be shared between the client and the office*. Some of the forms ask that you provide us with pertinent background or current information. Others inform you as to office policies, procedures, and schedules. The following forms are available in hard copy to existing clients as needed to complete or update the child’s file, or provide information to the parent.

  1. Client History Form

  2. Client Information Form

  3. Release of Information Authorization Form

  4. Appointment Schedule Form

  5. School Break Notices

  6. Seminar Registration Forms

  7. Inservice Content Descriptions

  8. Caps 880® Registration Forms

  9. Fast ForWord™ Registrations Forms

  1. All client information is strictly confidential and is never released without written authorization of the parent, or child if 18 years of age or older.