Dr. Sillman continues to develop and present numerous and varied seminars - both large and small group - for students, parents, educators, other professionals, and the community at large. Examples of current topics are:


Early Identification

ADHD and the Learning Process

Avoiding the Homework Hassle

Supporting the Learning Disabled Child

Professional seminars are specifically structured for school personnel and other professionals and can be formatted to meet requirements for in-service training or staff development. Topics may be selected from our existing offerings or may be proposed by the participating group members. Examples of current topics are:

How Learning Takes Place

The Critical Role of Language in Reading

Promoting Student Readiness and Motivation

Learning Disabilities - Identification and Accommodations

Each seminar is personalized to meet the specific needs and desires of the participants. All attendees are truly  participants, since each seminar is structured as an interactive learning experience in which the backgrounds, concerns, and perspectives of the participants are valued as a critical part of the process.

We invite you to contact the office to inquire about or request future seminars or staff in-service programs. We consider your input the major building blocks of any meaningful seminar.