Forgetful Frank

Challenge : Short Term Memory Issues (Despite Appropriate Attention)


  1. BulletDifficulty remembering information given orally

  2. BulletDifficulty recalling or pronouncing names of story characters or persons studied, despite repeated exposure

  3. BulletDifficulty holding on to a series of instructions

  4. BulletDifficulty following a set of “steps” in proper order

  5. BulletDifficulty placing events in proper sequence

  6. BulletDifficulty tracking main idea or specific points in discussion

  7. BulletDifficulty recalling facts in a story just read

  8. BulletDifficulty memorizing math facts and formulas

  9. BulletDifficulty recalling a “system” e.g. what each color represents in a color coded system

  10. BulletDifficulty using an alphabetical index for locating or filing

  11. BulletDifficulty locating a specific, previously read page with ease

  12. BulletDifficulty finding the place on a page readily when directed to do so

  13. BulletDifficulty recalling which drawers, shelves, or cabinets in a familiar area store specific items, despite repeated experiences