Spell-Checking Spencer

Challenge : Spelling Issues


  1. BulletMakes “A” on weekly spelling tests but consistently does poorly on 3-4 unit cumulative tests

  2. BulletRegularly misspells words in written work that were correct on tests

  3. BulletFrequently misspells to such an extent that even he doesn’t know what he intended

  4. Bullet“Phonetic” attempts are not far off, but can’t seem to remember or revisualize the traditional spelling

  5. BulletContinually asks for spelling of the same high-frequency words

  6. BulletSpells basic words correctly in one sentence, then offers two or more alternative spellings within three to four lines of the original spelling

  7. BulletWhen practicing writing a word repeatedly, loses the integrity of the word and reinforces the “wrong” spelling

  8. BulletDoes not seem to benefit from repetitious writing of words

  9. BulletProvides written work with good content, but loses substantial grade points for poor spelling