The consultation is a formal meeting with Dr. Sillman, at the request of the client, for the purpose of discussing suspected or demonstrated learning issues. Discussion may include, but not be limited to, an individual’s learning history and current profile, appropriate instructional intervention, school placement, further referrals, guidance or counseling, a Brief Consultative Evaluation to embark on a program of remediation, or Dr. Sillman’s services as an advocate or expert witness.

The consultation is an important part of the intervention process. Each consultation is individually structured depending upon the nature and extent of the presenting issues, the child’s school and developmental history, and the recency and comprehensiveness of the child’s last evaluation.

The consultation process begins with a telephone call to the office to schedule a conference date and time. You will then be requested to forward all available copies of previous evaluations and other pertinent information (reports, letters, report cards, standardized test results, IEPs) along with recent work samples and the completed client history form available from this office.

Please be sure to allow time for the packet to reach the office at least 72 hours before the scheduled consultation.