Program Descriptions

One - To - One

Intensive Instruction

The Intensive Instruction Session is a 55-minute period during which the child works one-on-one with Dr. Sillman and Ms. Robledo in an ongoing diagnostic/prescriptive instructional model. The specific skills dealt with are determined session by session according to the overarching individually designed intervention plan in combination with the child’s performance in the most recent instruction or assimilation session. The teaching approach used is eclectic, with reading and written language instruction that is Orton-Gillingham based. The decoding/encoding (word attack/spelling) remediation component is consistent with, and incorporates, the Structured Language approach of the Wilson Reading System. An eclectic set of materials and methods is available from which we can select those that best match the learning style and thinking processes of the particular child.

Assimilation Lab

The Assimilation Lab is a unique construct developed by this office. The lab session constitutes a portion of each weekly schedule during which the child works on the immediate reinforcement of specific skills previously presented in the Intensive Instruction Session. This is accomplished by means of instructional review of recently presented skills, practice with specific selected materials, and specific skill-relevant computer activities under direct individual monitoring. The lab content for each session is carefully planned on a session-to-session basis by Dr. Sillman and Ms. Robledo in daily consultation. Samples of each child’s work products are preserved for ongoing evaluation.

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