Chaotic Calvin

Challenge : Executive-Function/Organizational Issues


  1. BulletOften late to class

  2. BulletTrouble “getting started”

  3. BulletFrequently lacking necessary supplies

  4. BulletOften can’t find things needed for class work

  5. BulletCan’t seem to commit class schedule to memory

  6. BulletOften the last to leave class with belongings in disarray

  7. BulletNotebooks generally messy, disorganized, and/or incomplete

  8. BulletAssignment pad is often misplaced or unused

  9. BulletBooks needed for homework are often left at school

  10. BulletNotices sent home seldom get there

  11. BulletPapers to be returned to school seldom are

  12. BulletHomework assignments are undone, forgotten, or “lost”

  13. BulletDesk looks like a disaster area

  14. BulletAn “open-book” test often seems to make things worse