Restless Roger

Challenge : Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder - Hyperactivity


  1. BulletAppears to be in “perpetual motion”

  2. BulletSquirms, tilts, or rocks in seat

  3. BulletInvoluntarily “bounces” one leg when seated and working

  4. BulletRaises whole body out of seat when raising hand for teacher’s attention

  5. BulletFiddles with objects, hair, or clothing during “listening” tasks

  6. BulletFinds excuses to move about the room

  7. BulletShifts from foot to foot when standing or when in line

  8. BulletLoses track of place in text

  9. BulletLoses track of main idea or specific points in discussion

  10. BulletRegularly requires repetition of questions or directions

  11. BulletJumps into response or activity before question or direction is completed

  12. BulletUnable to maintain appropriate levels of on-task behavior