Illegible Iggy

Challenge : Visual-Perceptual/Grapho-Motor Issues


  1. BulletPoor to illegible handwriting- problems with letter formation, size, slant, spacing, grounding.

  2. BulletPast fourth grade yet cannot write in cursive

  3. BulletUnable to “fit” answer in a given space

  4. BulletMany “write-overs” and/or erasures

  5. BulletNumerous misspellings of common words

  6. BulletWords/phrases missing from sentences

  7. BulletWords/phrases inadvertently repeated in sentences

  8. BulletUnable to copy accurately from board

  9. BulletUnable to copy accurately from paper or book

  10. BulletUnable to complete written work in allotted time

  11. BulletOften expresses frustration with written tasks, either verbally or behaviorally

  12. BulletIs easily fatigued when doing written work