Professionals are now able to identify potential reading problems in pre-school children and therefore intervene much earlier than previously thought. There is considerable evidence that kindergarten and 1st grade children lagging in “pre-reading” skills remain skill-deficient in later grades, and can end up two or more grade levels below their classmates in reading by the end of 5th grade.

In order to acquire these necessary prerequisite skills, a child must have a strong, intact language processing system. Our office is pleased to be a licensed provider for the Fast ForWord programs created by Scientific Learning Corporation to assist in the development of that critical language processing ability.

Fast ForWord Language and Reading programs are intensive CD-ROM and Internet based training programs that evolved from decades of scientific research in language acquisition and brain plasticity by Dr. Paula Tallal (Rutgers University) and Dr. Michael Merzenich (University of California at San Francisco). These programs developed by Scientific Learning Corporation and available privately only through licensed providers such as this office, improve the child's ability to process rapidly-occurring acoustic information, as well as to improve phonology, morphology, syntax, grammar, and language comprehension. With these improved abilities, the child is better able to master reading and spelling tasks that were previously overwhelming.

These programs are conveniently offered in this office year-round. We invite you to learn more about these innovative programs and the benefits they can offer to your children who have difficulty...

  1. Bulletremembering the question put to them or following oral instructions

  2. Bulletunderstanding ambiguous language, idioms, or humor

  3. Bulletaccomplishing reading, spelling, or phonics tasks

  4. Bulletexpressing themselves orally or in writing

  5. Bulletstaying attentive and focused in a given situation

  6. Bulletdemonstrating appropriate behavior in learning or social settings