The structure of CAPS 880™ is based upon a carefully sequenced process of analysis and synthesis applied to decoding, encoding, reading comprehension, and written expression components of the English language. It develops critical higher level reading comprehension skills such as: locating information, recalling details, understanding word meanings and figurative language, getting main ideas, drawing conclusions and predicting outcomes, sequencing events, interpreting meanings, paraphrasing, analyzing and evaluating content, forming opinions, and generalizing.

CAPS 880™ develops cognitive written language skills including: forming concepts, brainstorming ideas, “webbing” thoughts, organizing content, formulating  sentences, structuring  paragraphs, making transitions, and executing various types of written expression. It also develops mechanical and structural written language skills including: capitalization, punctuation, abbreviation, contractions, plurals, possessives, prefixes, suffixes, and quotations.

CAPS 880™ enhances receptive and expressive language skills to provide a stronger base for the development of both oral and written language skills including: grammar and usage, word order, vocabulary, synonyms, antonyms, multiple word meanings, idiomatic language, and pragmatics (language skills in social context).

The intensity of this unique program is the major key to its success. Research and program evaluations continue to show that intensive interventions which have a high frequency of exposure to developmental tasks, regularly involve multisensory input and response, provide immediate reinforcement of correct responses, and progress toward specific goals by means of gradual, measurable changes over time show the greatest success in permanently altering an individual’s learning profile. An additional benefit of such complete individualization of curriculum, methodology, materials, and teaching techniques is that it enables those children with severe deficits to take ongoing advantage of this program during successive summers. Parent Information Seminars, free of charge or obligation, are offered monthly January through March. Please call the office (954) 966-1300 for specific dates.

(As the limited number of spaces tends to fill early in the year, it is recommended that parents attend the earliest informational meeting possible so as to have ample time to determine the appropriateness of CAPS 880™ for their child and, if interested, secure a placement for the coming summer.)

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