Caps 880™ is an intensive 8 week /80 hour summer-long program with a documented history of success for children who are presenting with language-based reading and writing disabilities or dyslexia. The program, developed and available only in this office, is an explicit, intensive, completely individualized intervention using one-on-one teaching/learning strategies, CD-ROM instructional software, and internet sources. The three-pronged approach increases the child’s ability to process information and improve phonology, morphology, syntax, grammar, and language comprehension. This specially developed program significantly increases skills and builds a strong foundation for continued growth in reading, spelling, and written language through its specific structure, intensity, and adaptability.

We invite you to contact the office to learn more about this innovative program and the benefits it can offer to children who are having difficulty...

  1. Bulletaccomplishing reading, spelling, or phonics tasks

  2. Bulletdeveloping reading fluency

  3. Bulletcomprehending printed material at grade level

  4. Bulletunderstanding ambiguous language, figurative language, or idioms

  5. Bulletfollowing oral or written instructions

  6. Bulletexpressing thoughts orally or in writing