Test-Tormented Thomas

Challenge : Any Combination of Factors


  1. BulletInformally demonstrates knowledge of material, but does poorly when tested

  2. BulletFrequently complains that certain test items are unfair, “We never learned that!”

  3. BulletVerbalizes negative expectations, discouragement, or self-deprecation

  4. BulletOften does well on frequent quizzes but poorly on comprehensive tests

  5. BulletChecks out length and complexity of test and is visibly overwhelmed

  6. BulletConfused about what to do, even though directions and format should be familiar

  7. BulletHas problems when a given item is interrupted and then continued on the next page

  8. BulletInadvertently omits items or even whole portions of the test

  9. BulletDoes poorly on tests requiring the use of “Answer Sheets”

  10. BulletBecomes easily confused and/or frustrated with “Bubble-In” answer formats

  11. BulletAlmost never seems to have enough time to finish a test

  12. Bullet“Open-book”  tests seem to be more of a problem than a solution

  13. BulletEvidences confusion or frustration throughout the test and finally gives up

  14. BulletFrequent Outcome: Turns the incomplete paper in early; Puts head down on desk; Speaks out angrily; Behaves inappropriately