Dyslexic Dennis

Challenge : Dyslexia; Language Processing Issues


  1. BulletImprecise or incomplete interpretation of incoming language

  2. BulletOmission of “unstressed” first syllables i.e. “Tucky Fried Chicken”    

  3. BulletDifficulty recalling and pronouncing names of newly encountered people, places, and objects despite repeated reminders

  4. BulletDifficulty with sequencing - numbers, letters, days, months, events, story action

  5. BulletDifficulty with space or time orientation

  6. BulletConfusion with oral and written directions

  7. BulletDifficulty decoding words - slow, labored reading

  8. BulletDifficulty encoding words - very poor spelling

  9. BulletDifficulty getting adequate meaning from the printed page

  10. BulletDifficulty expressing thoughts orally or in writing

  11. BulletDifficulty memorizing historical facts or mathematical facts, formulas, and tables