Distractible Delbert

Challenge : Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder - Attention


  1. BulletAppears not to be listening when spoken to

  2. BulletFrequently asks for repetition of oral directions

  3. BulletOften says “Huh?” or “What?” when his name is not called at the start of the question or command

  4. BulletHas difficulty maintaining eye contact with speaker

  5. BulletSeems easily distracted by common auditory stimuli: a cough, shuffling of papers, AC compressor, etc.

  6. BulletHas trouble visually fixating on a chalkboard, map, page in textbook, or teacher-held stimulus

  7. BulletIs unable to sustain on-task behavior with independent work for more than a few minutes at a time

  8. BulletAppears to daydream; seems to be “in his own world”

  9. BulletRegularly requires much teacher redirection

  10. BulletFrequently asks, “What are we supposed to do?” as others are beginning their work

  11. BulletAppears “surprised” to realize classmates are lining up, changing seats, exchanging papers, clearing desks for a test, etc.