Fees*, determined by the nature of the service, are available upon request. Should you have questions regarding the need for our services, we invite you to take advantage of a brief preliminary phone consultation at no charge. Simply call the office to set a date and time for this free 15 minute consultation.

*Please note: Our office does not accept insurance, credit cards, or debit cards. All payments must be made by check or cash at the time service is rendered. (Returned checks will incur a $35 surcharge.)

Fee Categories - General Information

(Fees available upon request)

Preliminary Consultation (with parent)

Brief Consultative Evaluation (with child)

  1. Deposit required when scheduled

Remediation (payable weekly as service is rendered)

Materials - Annual Fee per child (prorated as appropriate)

Additional In-Office Services  (per hour - prorated)

(e.g., phone conferences, letters, accommodation lists, annual statements, review of records)

Out-of-office services such as school visitations for purposes of investigation, observation, consultation, program determination, or IEPs are billed at the existing meeting rate.

(Meetings prior to 8 AM and/or greater than 10 miles from the office will be billed on a door-to-door basis.)